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Hallgrim Hansegård

Hallgrim Hansegård

This Years Folkmusician is Hallgrim Hansegård. Norwegian Folkmusic Award was arranged during Folkelarm in Oslo 29. September.
Hallgrim Hansegård is the most creative dancer in folkmusic at the moment. He has established the FRIKAR Dance Company and has created several productions with dancers, musicans and visual elements as animation, film and lightening.
This summer his production KRUK was presented at the Førde Folk Music Festival. Six of Norways best dancers of the "laus" - solo  male dance with lots of acrobatic movements - in a full concert. Hallgrim moves the traditional dance into new settings.

Hallgrim Hansegård (born 1980) has studied at the Nordland Art and Film school and at the Academy of Digital Arts in Florence. Today he works mainly in performing arts heading for closer integration between dance and video.

Meet this years Artist:
25. October with KRUK at the Osa Festival at Voss.

Information about Hallgrim´s projects:
Frikar Dance Company in the Norwegian Traditional Catalogue